Monday, November 03, 2008

Tips To Cut Costs During Economic Crisis

Are you suffering from the plummeting stock market, sky-high interest rates and quote-on-quote recession?

Well, if the answer is a big YES, than this post is for you!

Thanks to the cash-conscious folks at Aveda, here are some fab tips for saving face - and money (with my added two cents - pun completely intended!)

  • Turn your hair cut or color into the “new day of beauty" - Do it all at once - cut, color and blow dry - and schedule salon day around a special evening where you'll bask in the glory of great looking hair! At Aveda, for the price of a hair cut or color, you’ll also get a complimentary wellness massages.
  • Extend the life of your hair color - Try a sulfate-free shampoo that also adds a boost of color in between visits to the salon.
  • Get a complimentary beauty boost - Department stores are constantly offering free beauty trials and gifts with purchase... and at Aveda, you can partake in complimentary wellness rituals.
  • Be a “litre in these lean times" - You get more bang for your buck by buying in bulk. If you have a favorite shampoo or body wash, purchase the oversized litre jug instead of the slender ounces one.
  • Create an at-home spa - Although spa day is nice, it can also be a bit pricey. Why not do it yourself in the comfort and convenience of your own home? Boil water and add a drop of your favorite oil, let the steam envelop your face, deep condition your hair while you draw a bath and exfoliate with a delicious and calming body scrub, use products that relax and unwind the mind, body and senses (anything with lavender usually does the trick!)... you get the point.
  • Extend your time between facials - Put your skin on a fab at-home regimen. Lots of moisture, face mask and exfoliators. And being cash-conscious means turing in your La Mer cream for something a bit more... frugal. Drugstore finds work just as well - especially the organic products from Target like Weleda...
  • Here's my personal tip: USE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE! Combine left-over shampoos into one bottle, same goes for conditioners and body washes... who knows, you might actually create a perfect smelling, amazingly potent new product!
Have a great cash-conscious tip? Let us know! Leave a comment below!


Angel Lust PR said...

this was excellent. Lets not forget what a great mask for your face can be made from blending ingredients together like cucumber and yogurt together....Smearing stuff like this across your flesh is very refreshing and tres moins cher

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