Monday, December 22, 2008

At-Home Spa Treatments

I just found a fabulous roundup of some Spa Treatments that you can do at home! Laura Milligan of has done her homework and compiled a list of some of the best treatments that you can indulge in the privacy of your own pad -- and save some serious cash! And now I share it with you!

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Manicures and Pedicures:

DIY Manicure Tips
: Get tips on correctly removing old polish, trimming nails, soaking hands and more.
DIY Pedicure: Use Epson salt, a callus stone and your own homemade scrub mixture for a DIY pedicure.
Do It Yourself Manicure: Marie Claire shares tips for giving yourself an impressive, inexpensive manicure at home.
DIY Pedicure: Learn how to shape, smooth and polish your toenails.
Give yourself a perfect pedicure: Learn how to whip up your own homemade foot scrub for your pedicure.

Hair Treatments:

Deep conditioner: Get a recipe for an avocado and mayonnaise conditioning treatment here.
Easy Home Recipes for Natural Shampoo: Use vegetable oil for moisture and liquid Castile soap to cleanse.
Aloe and Olive Oil Shampoo: This at-home spa treatment uses olive oil, aloe vera juice, dried flowers and liquid soap.
Making your own homemade hair dye:
Learn how to make your own natural dye here.
Super Duper Deep Conditioning: All you need for this recipe is mayonnaise, olive oil and egg yolks.
How to Trim Bangs: Trim your bangs in just 10 minutes when you follow this guide.

Self Massage:

How to do self massage:’s guide to self-massage can relieve insomnia and tension headaches.
Learn the art of self-massage: This guide shares tips for hand massages, rub downs and even a belly massage.
Self Massage: Learn tricks for torso massage, feet massage, jaw massage and more.


How to make aromatherapy bath salts
: Make your own soothing bath when you read this guide.
How to make aromatherapy jar candles: Instead of buying expensive candles, make your own aromatherapy spa candles here.
What kind of aromatherapy do you need?: Learn how to pinpoint which aromatherapy you need and how to select the right scents.


Make up recipes: Here you’ll find recipes for making foundation and lip color.
Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Cosmetics: Watch this ThreadBanger video to learn how to make your own cosmetics and skincare products.

(Waxing is dangerous and can leave you severely burned -- so be careful and follow instructions!)

How to wax your own legs: The Budget Fashionista gives suggestions for finding the right products and waxing your own legs.
Waxing Eyebrows, the DIY at home instructions: Waxing your eyebrows can be tricky, so be sure to read this guide carefully before taking the plunge.

Facial Treatments

Oily skin face mask: Whip up your own milk of magnesia face mask to reducing shine and spot treating blemishes.
Sensitive Skin Oatmeal Mask: Learn to make an oatmeal-egg mask here.
Make your own homemade face mask: Find out which face masks are best for different skin types here.
How to Make a Milk, Cucumber and Honey Mask:
This yummy face mask makes your skin glow.
DIY Beauty: Find great recipes for egg masks, banana facial masks and more.

Skin Treatments:

Homemade exfoliating body scrub: This fun treatment is also good for minimizing stretch marks.
Make Basic Bath Salts: Treat your whole body when you make these bath salts.
Make your own exfoliating scrub: Scrub off dead skin cells and dry skin with your own homemade exfoliating scrub.
Seaweed wrap: This lengthy article has lots of tips for giving yourself an at-home spa weekend, including making your own seaweed wrap.


Cucumber: Vegetable Drawer Beauty: This article shares all the ways cucumbers can be used for beauty treatments, including as an astringent and in a facial mask.
Detox Home Spa: Detox spa trips are incredibly expensive, but this article tells you how to set up a detox system by yourself.


For even more at-home recipes, click here to peruse the entire list!


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