Friday, December 19, 2008

Trend Alert: Britney Spears Goes Baby Blonde

There's a new trend in town -- and it's taking celebrity locks by storm! Baby blonde hair is all the rave come 2009! The look is blonde on blonde with very bright platinum strands and creamy vanilla undertones creating baby blonde hair .

And the front runner for the trend is none other than Britney Spears. It's been said that you can tell what mood Britney's in by the color of her hair - brown, she's unhappy; black, angry and up to no good; blonde, happy and girly; baby blonde, ecstatic and sassy!

George Papanikolas of the Andy Lecompte Salon, and my very own colorist, is responsible for the Britney baby blonde transformation! George says that the inspiration for the trend is supermodel Sasha Pivavarova, but the platinum, super blonde hue can be seen on Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore too!

To create Britney's look, George says that he relies on Joicos Vero K-Pak Color High Lift Blonde Series, in combination with his style of baliage highlights. And to keep the hair that is this blonde in optimum condition, K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor is crucial.

We like Brit Brit with her new baby blonde mane -- what do YOU think?!


diana said...

I like the new look on her. It flattens her face more. I hated her as a brunette.

Online Shopping Chick said...

I always think she looks best as a blonde. It suits her complexion the best.

Tavia said...

All i can say is that Britney always looked good with blonde hair and she was very successful and happy at that time. Let's hope she will be again

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