Friday, December 05, 2008


Alas, it's the end of yet another week. More parties to attend, more holiday gifts to buy, more eggnog to chug!

With all of the gorgeous Christmas tree and decorations, I couldn't help but feel a pang of sparkle envy! It may be winter, but that's no excuse to leave skin pale and placid. Enter Lorac's TANtalizer: A body sparkler that quenches my desire for some serious skin bling and leaves you looking smoking even when it's freezing outside. Part moisture, part color, TANtalizer gives your skin that bronzed glow with added sheen. Unlike self-tanners, or even fake and bake salons, TANtalizer is only a one night commitment. Wear it, own the new (and bronzer) you, then simply wash it off. And you're back to you're pale self!

TANtalizer leaves you shimmering like gold tinsel without the streaking of self-tanners. It dries relatively fast, but I'd give yourself at least twenty minutes before stepping into that sexy dress (I have the misfortune to stain a cute winter white outfit - but rest assured, the drycleaners removed the spot!).

My favorite part about this bronzing luminizer is that it really does add a certain highlight effect to your body. In essence, it slims you! Apply everywhere you want light to illuminate - shoulders, chest, torso, legs, even your neck - and sparkle on!

PRICE TAG: $30.00 for 5.7 oz.


The Q said...

This is an excellent alternative to tanning. I can't believe people still do it!

If your skin doesn't look good, it doesn't matter how much makeup you wear!

Here's a good vid I found online with some other skin care techniques. Hope you find it useful!

Great blog, FTW.

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