Monday, December 29, 2008


We received a great question regarding how to make the most of small eyes...

Here it is:

"I've always heard lining your eyes on the inside rim makes them look smaller, but I think this looks great! What's the best way to line small set eyes? My eyes are blue grey & plain looking and I'm really stuck on how to make them look brighter."

Naturally, we asked our friend and celebrity makeup (she calls Josie Maran and Nicole Richie clients) artist Sole Alberti for the 411 on making small eyes pop!

Here's what Sole had to say:

"In order to make eyes appear larger, use an eyeliner that is one shade brighter than the color of your eyes. With blue eyes, I recommend using a royal blue eyeliner. For hazel eyes, a teal eyeliner will work. Any shade that is darker than the color of your eyes, like black or charcoal for example, will make your eyes appear smaller as it brings out the black in the eyes and not the color. Colored eyeliner will make your natural eye color pop!!"

And a little beauty for thought by moi - queen B beauty whore - for smaller eyes (or any eyes that want a bright pop), use a white liner on the inner corner of eyes and/or an iridescent nude cream shadow or highlighter (MAC's Barestudy is a favorite) on the inner bridge of nose/ eyes and a few finger taps on the outer corner of the eye. Gently pat the cream in half semi-circles for both inner and outer. This will allow light to bounce off of the areas and create a luminious, bright-eye effect.

Have a beauty question? We'll get our beauty experts to answer!
So, ask away!


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Beauty 365 said...

nice post

i never quite worry abt making my eyes seem bigger or smaller, i just like wearing fun, jewel-toned liners -- such a pretty pop of color!

i've yet to try white liner, tho...not sure how that would work out

Jet Rhys said...

Thanks for the great tips! One additional way to make the most of your eyes (even if they’re small) is to get your eyebrows in tip-top shape. I like to have mine professionally done every few months and I do the in between maintenance myself. In addition to shape, consider color - if your brows are naturally black soften them to an espresso brown. If they’re brown try a lighter almond brown and if they are naturally blonde try a caramel brown. This small change in the shade adds an instant wow factor to the face.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Love the tips for emphasizing small eyes. Here's a great vid that has tips on creating a winged eye look.

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