Thursday, January 14, 2010

WEEKLY MUST HAVE: Palettes By Todd Young

There's nothing I like more than the smell of a freshly burning candle in a neatly kept room. Well, almost nothing.

Palettes by Tod Young perfectly combines my love of scent and design with 6 candles and room sprays based on the interior color palettes people decorate their homes in. Here's how it works. "Tod has taken six timeless color palettes to blend what you see and what you smell to create a complete visual and fragrant statement of style. Each of the Palettes® fragrances interprets the aromatic tones colors communicate to enhance the d├ęcor of any room. These fragrances simultaneously correspond to and complement the colors you have chosen to decorate your home, regardless of interior design or furniture style," explains the site. So, if you're a neutral, beigey type of gal, you're scent is "fresh and clean yet warm and defined... a floral bouquet of delicate violet, spring iris and jasmine." Other scents in the range include pastel, primary, jewel, earth and grey.

I'm loving the palettes because it takes the guessing work out of choosing a home scent. Everyone knows their home's color scheme, with Tod Young's Palette's, everyone will soon know their home's aroma too. GREAT GIFT!


Nolie said...

This is a brilliant concept and the fragrances really do smell like the colors they represent. With his new fragrance line, Tod Young is going to be the designer to keep your eye on for more intriguing products. I love all 6 fragrances in this collection, but use the Gray tones fragrance for my own home--it's very chic and sophisticated. I'm tempted to wear the room spray as a cologne it's that good!

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