Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Japan's Favorite Moisturizer!

The Japanese have fabulous skin... hydrated, poreless, even complexion... genetically blessed!

I've come across the Japanese version of our Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and I'm loving it! Yu Be is a versatile moisture cream used to treat chapped lips, split cuticles, cracked heels, dry hands, calluses... you get the point.

It's glycerin based so it hydrates, soothes and smooths. The company claims that it is "the #1 selling medicated, vitamin-enriched skin cream in Japan." I'm not sure if that's an entirely truthful statement but I will say this, the cream works! It absorbs quickly and lasts for hours. I've been carrying the tube in my purse and have used it for everything from my lips to nourishing my split ends!

The only downfall of the cream: The initial scent is very reminiscent of Ben Gay. It's a little brutal, but the smell evaporates after a few minutes. It also tingles slightly, but I love that!

Formula comes in chapstick and skin cream, body polish and body lotion too!

PRICE TAG: $15.00


Paint Me Gorgeous said...

is this sold instore anywhere?

Beauty Banter said...

Hi Paint Me Gorgeous,

I'm not sure if you can buy instore but if you click on the pink YU BE, it will direct you to the site where you can purchase!

Beauty Banter

Marie said...

I like the sound of how it works, but am concerned about the smell.

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