Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mac loves a good collaboration. Remember MAC and Ungaro? Or MAC and French graffiti artist, Fafi? How about MAC and Heatherette?

Well, MAC's most recent collaboration is with Hello Kitty (just in time for Spring) and it's garnering a lot of buzz in the beauty world. Let's face it, the folks over at MAC are marketing genius'!

Although, I can't tell you much about the colors (they're not out yet so I haven't tested them) but from the looks of it, they're bound to be bright, bold and colorful (lots of pinks!). I can, however, tell you that the packaging is AMAZING! It's like punk rock Hello Kitty meets Madonna circa Ray of Light.

The MAC/ Hello Kitty collaboration will offer the Hello Kitty "Kouture" line (March 5) - featuring Swarovski crystal-emblazoned compacts, three new dazzleglass lip gloss, and three sheer mystery powders.

The color line out February 12 features bright and bold pinks and purples in pigments, shadows, beauty powder, glitter, lippies, and includes the most amazing brush kit that I have ever seen!

We'll discuss the products once we've tested them. In the meantime, swoon over this packaging (I'm obsessed with the brush kit!):


Eye Quad

Cream Shadow

Brush Kit

What are YOUR must-have???


Lizzie said...

that packaging is so cute!!!!!!


Ria said...

I'm more than a little excited about the mac + hello kitty collaboration. I can see my credit card getting a workout.

Anonymous said...

totally going with all my friends to but it on thursday. LOVE IT! i dont think ive got this excited about a makeup launch in a long time.

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