Monday, February 16, 2009

Ojon Detox

I often talk about the Sunday Night Shampoo (Bumble & Bumble actually has a product with that exact name). To me, the Sunday Night Shampoo refers to the one night a week where you take a little longer in the shower, spend a little more time tending to your tresses and lather up with a shampoo that gives a little more clarification. Ridding your scalp of the past week's buildup...

Ojon is one of my favorite hair care lines. The products are formulated around the oil of the tropical Ojon tree known to the Tawira Indians (dubbed the "people of beautiful hair.").

Ojon's Detox Recovery Cleanser
is like a liter of Gatorade after 8 vodka tonics... a miricle! Your hair is just like your liver - every now and again (after a few days of parties and such) it needs to be detoxed, cleansed, purified!

Ojon's Detox Recovery Cleanser gently removes impurities and product build up without totally stripping the hair of its natural shine and color. All Ojon products have a unique, natural smell and they leave my hair looking gorge!

PRICE TAG: $26.00


EuroGuy said...

Stupid question, but is this shampoo girls-only?

(Your golden hair really looks fabulous:)

Beauty Banter said...

yes, boys can use it too!

Beauty Banter

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