Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Spring Brow

If you have brow envy, or can't ever seem to get your arch just right, then this post is for you!!!

Achieving the perfect arch is no easy feat. Bushy brows can weigh you down while over-plucking will leave you browless (so not cute).

With this in mind, I enlisted the help of my friend (and personal eyebrow specialist), Sarah Agajanian, to give us the low-down on making the most of your brows:

"Everyone is wanting a fresh start this year. We have a lot to express and want to feel beautiful. The quickest fix in feeling fresh and new is getting those brows sculpted! The most underestimated feature on one's face is their eyebrows. Without the correct frame you could lose your beauty.

I truly believe in keeping your natural shape with a little twist of arch. If you have naturally thick brows there is a reason for it, you were made that way to compliment your features. If you have very light hair and can barely see that frame, maybe its time to color them. You can get your brows colored from your brow specialist.

For a beautiful Spring look, try highlighting your brow bone with the Damone Roberts Gold Digger or Bling Bling highlighting crayon. Depending on your skin tone, sticking to the right shade is important. If you have more of a tan/golden base I would rock the Gold Digger and if you have more of a yellow base, stick with the Bling Bling: it has a shiny, silver tone.

If you want to add more drama to your brows but don't want to fill them in, go with a colored brow gel. Stick with Benefit Cosmetics multi-colored brow gels. Just a little bit of tint and hold will go a long way. Ladies, make sure that you keep your brows well-manicured and shaped!

There is something to be said about how you feel after leaving your brow salon. It's like you're refreshed and magnetic! Let's keep the ball rolling and those eyebrows thick and arched. 2009 is all about the arch."

Sarah works at The Damone Roberts Salon in Beverly Hills. 310-271-2100.


Paint Me Gorgeous said...

I have yet to achieve the perfect brow..rawr...lol

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