Thursday, March 26, 2009


Our Maybelline Lash Stiletto Giveaway has garnered a winner...

Congrats to: Kate Barrington!

About mascara, Kate says, "I love mascara because my lashes have blonde tips, and mascara makes my eyes look approximately 30 times better. It's a scientific fact."

Just for giggles, here are some other great mascara quotes from readers:

jkohen1221 says, "I heart mascara because I swear it makes me look ten lbs lighter." LOL!

Heather says, "I heart Mascara because I go from John Mayer to Jessica Simpson in 5.8 seconds flat! ;)" AMAZING!

DSL says, "I heart mascara is almost as necessary as air and water." Well put!

Thanks to everyone who participated, we have a great giveaway coming up this weekend so check back for some... clue.. MAC!

**Winner is NOT chosen via quote but rather chosen at random.**


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