Friday, March 20, 2009

Do The Leg Work

Once again, recent NYC transplant and West Coast Director of celebrity services for Alberta Ferretti, Annelise Peterson, discovers a hidden LA gem that she'd like to share with you Beauty Banter readers...

"I have more beauty news to report from my new home on the sunny California coast!

New York City may be hard on your high heals, but it's great for the gams. For the past 13 years, I have walked everywhere and never had much need for personal training to keep my legs thoroughbred lean.

But my days of walking to Starbucks for my soy green tea latte are all but over. Life in West Hollywood calls for a car and little legwork.

What's a girl to do? More than sample size is a sin in the business of fashion finding.

The answer? Wael Fitness, my friends. (Pronounced "why-Elle"). He is the trainer of choice when it comes to getting sexy sculpted legs perfectly suited for that Little Black Dress for Saturday night! The beauty business is more than just great hair and skin, it's also about having a body worth bantering about.

Wael kicked me in to shape with band training, stair climbing, and light resistance work that had me sweating for more. Wael's beauty boot camp for the perfect Brazilian body is a must have for any girl that wants legs like Heidi Klum. Driving my Mercedes for my green tea latte may be my new AM routine, but Wael fitness is my new morning regime.

Yes, gas may cost me an arm and a leg, but it's not costing me my gams! Who says a girl can't have long legs and love them too?"

Wael Fitness contact:



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