Friday, March 06, 2009

This Is A Sad Day In The World Of Beauty

After visiting one of my favorite beauty stores, Larchmont Beauty, and finding out that Nivea has decided to DISCONTINUE producing LABELLO LIP BALMS, I immediately rushed home to surf the web for leftovers of the cherry chappy - my all time favorite tinted, moisturizing chap stick that leaves lips naturaly colored and kissably smooth sans that waxiness found in every other chap stick around. (pictured!!!!)

Sadly, the cherry flavor is unavailable on Amazon, Shopzilla and all of the usual Canadian haunts. They have every other flavor - even strawberry - but cherry has mysteriously disappeared from every retail site. Not only is Nivea discontinuing production of Labello and calling everything "Nivea," they're not even making a cherry chappy!

This is SO sad. I am beside myself. If you know of any place, ANY place, that is still selling the last round of Labello cherry, please email me or leave a comment below!!!!

Help the beauty whore!

What products have been discontinued that left you distraught?

UPDATE: I found someone in the UK who is selling packaged Labello Cherry chappies and bought a bunch, then paid 18 dollars for delivery!


rita said...

Thanks for the news I thought I was going crazy. For the past 5 months I've been looking everywhere for the cherry one here in portugal, and it's gone! the other ones are still available but cherry was my favourite... ;(

Michelle Cheah said...

Nivea does have a cherry chapstick, it looks similar to the Labello one except it has the name Nivea instead.

Hope that helps!

Beauty Banter said...

thanks Michelle but the Nivea website won't let you buy the chappy!!!!! And I'm told that Nivea has decided not to produce the cherry one anymore!

:( :( :(

Beauty Banter

Anonymous said...

you can get the nivea ones on

Beauty Banter said...

Anonymous! You're amazing... they do have cherry... it's not Labello but the nivea will do (until they cease producing that one too). Stock up!



Beauty Banter

jenga said...

Yeah I was going to say, I have bought a couple of the Nivea Cherry Chapsticks at Rite Aid. They always have them around here (Maine) either at the registers or near the rest of the Nivea body care things.

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