Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Liquid Bronzer

As the weather starts to warm up, my first thought is: sunshine! Although I love a good tan as much as the next girl, I'm all too aware of the side effects of the sun. I'll lay out because I like the feel of the sun on my body (I'm sadly afflicted with seasonal depression), but I know better than to let those deadly rays hit my face. I spread SPF 70 all over my face and make sure to cover up with a giant straw hat. When I want to fake a golden glow, I turn to bronzers and self-tanners to do the trick.

This season, I'm all about the liquid/ gel bronzer for the mug. That's not to say I won't be sprinkling on the powder, but I've become totally infatuated with the natural, sheer color and liquid-like consistency of these gel bronzers. In my opinion, you can control the color more effectively when you use a gel. Just add a dollop to your foundation OR moisturizer, mix together in hands and lightly pat onto face. You can also use the liquid/ gels as highlighters or blushes - apply anywhere on your face for an added sunkissed hue.

The deciding factor for the right gel/ liquid bronzer is that the color DOESN'T give you that orange, fake and bake hue.

A good gel bronzer will offer a natural hue that you can build upon, depending on your preference. But like all gel bronzers, the best part is that it's only a one day (or night) commitment. Unlike self-tanners or buildable color moisturizers, this tan washes off with soap and water.

One color suits all, so this is a great choice for women of fair complexions - you can build a very sheer tan and if you mess up, wash it off and try again.

Here are my picks (click on the name for more info) to get you started:

Dr. Hauschka's Translucent Bronze Concentrate $39.95

Organic Wear by Physician's Formula 100% Natural Origin Liquid Bronzer; $10.99

Clinique True Bronze Bronzing Gel For Face; $18.50

Bonne Bell Gel Bronzer Golden Tan; $4.95
(I've personally never tried but heard rave reviews - click here to read)

Cargo Multi Mix Bronzer; $28.00

Have a favorite gel or liquid bronzer? Please let us know in the comment section below!


Arianne said...

Fantastic! I've been curious about gel bronzers recently. Can you tell us the shimmer level for each of these?

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