Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Q & A With Christian Lacroix

Uber- fahsion designer, Christian Lacroix, teams up with Avon to launch their newest collaborative fragrance, Absynthe, inspired by the green fairy (duh).

Here, Christian dishes to Avon on the process, the fragrance and the smell...

Why did you choose to collaborate with Avon on this fragrance?
We both create products that help make a woman feel her best. Working with Avon on Rouge and Noir was a rewarding experience. Rouge and Noir were two of Avon’s most successful global launches, so pursuing the creation of Absynthe seemed like the perfect next step in our partnership. Developing Absynthe with Avon has been a gratifying experience creatively and I continue to be impressed with the depth and reach of this brand.

What was your role in developing the fragrance?
I love these new scents; they are fragrances I truly believe in. I need to feel a part of everything we create together, so I worked very closely with Avon to develop two new fragrances that really spoke to me and my designs.

What excites you about creating a fragrance?
Creating a fragrance is very personal—something that shares one’s fantasies and loves with the world. It is a wonderful feeling to see a man or woman exude confidence and sex appeal when wearing a scent that I have created. When creating my runway collections, I love to clothes to exude extravagance, luxuriance, and bright colors. It is no different when I create my fragrances.

How did you come to name the fragrance Absynthe?
The color chartreuse, a brilliant shade of bright green, is such an inspiration to me. Also, as the trademark color of the historic potion, absinthe, the shade has a very special connection to my new fragrances. Everything about the shade is captivating – it exudes fantasy and awakens the senses. Chartreuse is the most visible color to the human eye and paired with the mysterious edge of absinthe, we’ve created a new form of escapism in a bottle: Absynthe. From my very first runway collection to my newest fragrances, I highlight eccentricity in opposition to the minimalism with an explosion of colors, the chance to be fully free in my designs and to create totally unique pieces.

Absinthe has a long and controversial history, why did you choose to work with that concept?
Being a European, the history of the potion has been a story that has intrigued me since I was a little boy. Absinthe, called “the green fairy” lured people for centuries into a world of mystery. When I think of Abysnthe, I think of the beautiful mythical fairy. She mixes a mysterious potion that captures the attention of everyone around her and that only she knows the recipe for – it is both magical and mysterious. And it is somewhat dangerous, but incredibly inviting.

Absinthe was a phenomenon among Europeans in the 19th century and I wanted to create my own enticing phenomenon for my customers. It’s such an intoxicating, intriguing tradition, and I loved the idea of developing my own scent to bring that history to life.

What does Absynthe mean or say about you?
In keeping with my own design aesthetic, it uniquely combines a historical element of my European culture with a luxurious, modern sensibility.

How do these fragrances make you feel?
Mysterious is definitely the first word that comes to mind. The scents are also very sexy, but in a subtle, enticing way. Absynthe is alluring and inviting, but at the same time a little bit coy.

What do the fragrances smell like?
Absynthe for Her is a mysterious potion of sexy florals and rich woods inspired by the magic of absinthe. Top notes of absinthe extract, golden freesia and green anise mingle with mid notes of orchid, saffron and narcissus nectar. A smoky drydown of antique wood, ebony musk, myrrh and amber adds mystery to the oriental fragrance.

What type of woman do you envision wearing Absynthe for Her?
I’ve always believed that the fragrance a woman wears is an extension of her inner essence. When she selects a scent to wear, she recognizes its power to create a memory of her and to intrigue everyone around her. Absynthe for Her is for the woman who is beautiful, whimsical and mysterious in the most seductive manner. She leaves you wanting more.

What inspired the packaging?
With all of my designs, I love to use exquisite colors, embroideries, rich fabrics and motifs to translate my optimistic vision of life. The design on Absynthe’s packaging stems from a bull-fighting cape that I received as a gift and inspired me to create a couture gown years ago. I was so fascinated by the cape’s intricate pattern that I integrated part of the pattern for Noir and Rouge. Now I’ve modified that design for Absynthe so there is still a connection between my fragrances design and aesthetic. The bottle itself is beautiful as well. I love every fragrance to be distinctive in color. While Rouge and Noir were red and black, Absynthe for Her is packaged in a captivating chartreuse and Absynthe for Him in a masculine hunter green.


Cris said...

That fragrance looks very appealing & intriguing...I'll probably have to check it out. Thanks for the interview :).

Jana said...

That was a cool interview. I am interested in trying the perfume!

Anonymous said...

I love all the one-on-one interviews you do! I want to go grab this yummy fragrance!

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