Saturday, April 11, 2009

Summer in the Land of MAC: Double Dazzle

Lipgloss is to MAC what Matthew McConaugh-hottie is to Rom Com's... a blockbuster! The newest Dazzle Glass collection does not disappoint.

Double Dazzle will daze the closest competition with colour-changing, light-reflecting pearl-shine lips; paired with a new formula for the ultimate in voluptuous lashes, et voilĂ ! Lips lead: seven new Dazzleglass shades bring the scintillating selection up to 18! The flotilla-of-lights formula imparts the pearl combination with mega-glisten shine, creamy comfort and the subtle sensation of vanilla. Lashes follow: multiplied, volumized, utterly glorified by our newest eye innovation…This sly new small-and-mighty brush has been developed to capture and emphasize each and every lash.

(click image to enlarge)

COLORS: Moth to Flame, Goldyrocks, Utterly Posh, Smile, Extra Amps, Stop! Look!, Girl’s Delight, Get Rich Quick, Bare Necessity, Sugarrimmed, Steppin’ Out, Baby Sparks, Rags to Riches, Like Venus, Money Honey, Funtablulous, Love Alert, Date Night


COLORS: Black Dazzle, Star Brunette

I am dying to try the dazzle lash in Black Dazzle! Anyone using it?

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