Tuesday, June 23, 2009

J'adore French Pharmacies

One of the most amazing things about Paris is the pharmacies. Okay, the fashion's pretty incredible, as are those sexy accents, but nothing compares to the style and substance of a french pharmacy.

The greatest products, organized to perfection with lovely french pharmacists in white lab coats. You can literally find the most delicious, high-end products or obscure homeopathic remedies and it's only skin, hair and body products. No random candies or aisles of school supplies like the U.S. This is purely beauty.

It's all such an experience. I can't help but walk in every time I see the blinking green Rx sign. It may actually be more addictive than Sephora.

Brands they carry (and I adore):
Caudalie - Obsessed with the face mist (beauty elixir). They have a great vine peach shower gel as well.
Weleda - Calendula cream is my must-have
Klorane - Their dry shampoo is genius.
La Roche-Posay - The most incredible sunscreens available on the market with UVA and UVB protection
Avene - Great skin products for sensitive types
Phyto - My stylist lives for their hair growth pills
Nuxe - The oil with golden specks makes for a wonderful body bronzer
Muestela - Love the baby body mist (hydra spray)

Have any favorite french product lines?
Let us know so that we can grab some samples before leaving!


Nicole said...

J'adore aussi! The nuxe lip balm (honey miele?) is incredibly soothing. It's not a gloss at all though, so it doesn't give that look. I dream of wandering the aisles of French Pharmacies. So jealous.

Have fun!

Mikaela said...

Ugh- love French para-pharms! Those are some of my favourites too - make sure to pick up Avene's cold creme lip balm, it is to die for & perfect to use on the airplane, so thick & creamy.

alexandra said...

Klorane eye makeup remover pads are fabulous. And for years Mustela hydrating stick was the only lip balm I would use. Fortunately, you can get them both here now (though once upon a time I used to load up on Klorane on trips to Canada).

Hallie said...

Hey, I'm in France right now and I was wondering if anyone had tried the new Nuxe Biologique line. Also, has anyone tried Roseliane cleansing milk by Uriage? It looks interesting and I think I'd like to try it. Thanks!

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