Thursday, June 11, 2009

MAKING WAVES: Aquis Hair Towels

Last week was the Tony awards, and a fabulous performance from the cast of Broadway's HAIR got me thinking about mine. While my sister’s fabulous curls have bounce and volume and my mother’s straight hair is perfect for her gamine pixie cut, my hair falls somewhere in a place called blah. As a result, 99% of the time my shoulder length hair is up or pulled back.

While I’m always trying new products, for years the one constant has been Aquis hair towels. They’re made of a soft, microfiber material that absorbs water like something in one of those Shamwow infomercials. They dry hair FIVE times faster than a normal bath towel. As a result I have less frizz and if I want to blow dry my hair it takes half the time. I love multitaskers, don’t you?

I’m a fan of their whole line (as are O and Real Simple magazines, by the way) including the body towels made of Aquis Lisse, a soft, chamois cloth-like material, and their plush robes made of a soft, terry chenille material. I realized just how much I loved the hair towels when I started taking them with me when I traveled. And since they’re so thin, they take up virtually no space in my suitcase. The company also includes a line geared towards teens called Mimi’s Diva Dryer along with towels for the outdoors, the gym and even pets (I have them for my dogs).

The entire Aquis collection is available online but if you are all about instant gratification, you can find the hair turbans and towels at Bed, Bath and Beyond stores as well as selected Pure Beauty locations. xo a.


Anonymous said...

I agree! Couldn't live w/out my Aquis!

Hot Money Mess said...

I'll have to check them out! I think I have similar hair to's super fine and wavy but it never waves like gisele waves...more like weird unpredictable raggamuffin waves! That's if I just let it go...I've never seen yours like that, but from the descriptions it may be similar ;)

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