Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Drugstore Find: Kohl Eyeliner

Finally! An inexpensive product that takes the guessing work out of applying eyeliner. L'Oreal's HIP (High Intensity Pigments) Kohl Eyeliner is like an extremely pigmented, bold and finely milled loose powder stuffed into a tube with an extra long wand that completely absorbs the pigments for precise application.

The liner comes in 6 dramatic smudge-proof shades: burgundy, navy, teal, gold, brown and black. The velvety colors line and define any look, but are especially amazing when creating a smokey eye as the loose powder makes it ridiculously easy to blend. And this stuff stays... I mean, all day long.

But my favorite part of this liner has got to be the brush... after all, it's always about the brush. It's like a hard sponge that has some give to it so it moves nicely with the contours of your eyes. Application is so effortless, you can literally just dot on and blend a bit and still get a great looking line.

The only thing to be cautious of are the miscellaneous remnants of application feathering. The powder has a tendency to get a bit all over... I just put a piece of tissue under my eye before applying and it seems to do the trick.

PRICE TAG: $13.00


nika said...

oh this sounds fabulous... my liquid eyeliner is getting all splotchy and dotty and i am not happy!! lol


Jessica Allison said...

so how does this compare to the infamous Guerlain kohl? I've been waiting patiently for another Sephora friends & family, but thinking I'd try this in the in-between time. Sounds like I won't be disappointed!

Melanie said...

Will have to run out and try! I once learned from a makeup artist on a photoshoot to do eyes first, then rest of makeup so I don't worry about a bit of shadow going astray.

Melmel said...

Will have to try. I learned from a makeup artist to do eyes first so I don't worry about shadow going astray.

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