Friday, July 31, 2009


Every dermatologist, asthetician, and magazine quiz has determined I have combination skin. So, it’s no surprise the same goes for my hair. My wavy, temperamental tresses can’t handle daily shampoo but sometimes second day hair needs a little help. I remember trying Psssssst! in college and thinking it was the greatest invention ever. A decade later, the market for dry shampoos has exploded and I’ve tried more than a few. When I saw a magazine mention a brand called Batiste, I had to check it out.

Batiste has been the best selling dry shampoo in Britain for decades (in a British Elle test last year it beat out Stila, Klorane and Bumble and Bumble). Now available stateside, you can find it online or at Sally Beauty Supply stores nationwide. I picked up the Original Formula, which has a light, powdery, citrus scent but there’s also Batiste Blush, which the company describes as a blend of “red hibiscus, peony, tuberose and lily,” and Batiste Tropical “a delicious blend of melon, banana, coconut, plum and peach mixed with vanilla and sandalwood musk.” The Tropical one is harder to find in the US but Sally Beauty Supply carries both the Original and Blush formulas.

The smell was probably what I liked best. The old Pssssst! was heavy on the baby powder and while I love Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser, I sometimes find the scent too heavy. Batiste gave me fresh locks but I could still wear my perfume and not end up with a headache from the clashing bouquets. Love it. The company website offers tips on how to use Batiste to create looks for everyday or red carpet (even on clean hair, dry shampoos magically add volume and body).

TIP: As with all dry shampoos a little goes a long way. I find toweling your hair after spraying roots, like you would if it were wet, helps the hair absorb the powder and leave your locks less matte. And be sure to hold the can a good 12 inches away.

xo a.


Adrienne said...

Wavy tresses?? Right now my straight boring hair it completely jealous!!

alex. asher sears said...

Adrienne, think of all the great cuts that straight hair can carry off! Don't forget all that sleek, straight tresses allow for!

Jessica Allison said...

I have the blush Batiste, and I have to say that so far I've been very pleased. After a non-thrilling venture with the Bumble spray (which I paid around $30 for) I wasn't expecting much, but this works quite well without breaking the bank (for $7 I'll try almost everything!)

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