Friday, July 24, 2009


I was in middle school when I got my first lipstick. It was Black Honey by Clinique and technically wasn’t a lipstick, it was an “Almost Lipstick.” It was a deep dark shade in the tube but glossy and sheer upon application. In the years since, I have worn my fair share of lipsticks, from matte red shades from MAC to petal pinks from Stila, but I have always loved a sheer glossy look. My favorite was Asher by the now defunct Delux Beauty, and once I found it was impossible to track down I decided it was time to look for an eco-alternative.

I love that Labello has gone Stateside under their Nivea label and I hoard their paraben-free cherry colored lip balm. It is serious hydration, great color and reminds me of the days when I was little and would pretend Cherry Chapstick was lipstick.

For a more traditional gloss, I really like
Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lip Gloss.
First off, the “worst offenders” are nowhere to be seen: zero parabens, petro-chemicals, phalates, sulfates, or synthetic fragrance. On average we ingest about four pounds of lipstick in a lifetime. The less chemicals the better, don’t you think?

With a lip brush tip instead of the usual fuzzy applicator the gloss goes on smoothly and it’s super moisturizing with its mix of oils and Cupuacu Butter. I love the neutral Rose shade which looks deceptively dark in the tube but is a subtle barely there pink with a slight shimmer when applied. It’s fabulous for day or night. With over a dozen shades in the collection, I think I’ll be heading back for a few more. xo a.


Kate said...

Noo!!! Now I'm in (re)mourning for Asher by Delux! Why, oh why, did you have to remind me of that glorious gloss?! Le sigh...

Toxic Beauty blogger said...

You are absolutely right! We ingest so much lipstick through out our lifetime..we do not need to be eating poisons! I love that Bare Escentuals is so natural. I am definitely going to try this product.

alex. asher sears said...

I know! And as a member of the Asher clan I loved it even more. Years ago bought a dozen to give to all the Asher girls in the family. Only now I wish I'd kept those! Sigh.

I really liked the huge selection because I tend to get bored quickly. I counted about 10 smashbox lippies between purses, my desk and vanity. Happy to find eco-options with so much variety.

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