Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's hot, hot, hot in the city!

When temps go north, I find refuge in water spritzers (and drinking gallons of H2O). While Jurlique rose water is a favorite, I'm newly obsessed with an old-school must-have: Heritage Products Gardenia Water Body Splash.

It's everything I want my spritzer to be - natural, refreshing, fragrant but not overly indulgent (think a fine mist of amomatherapy scent) and incredibly hydrating. And the best part, it's super affordable (it'll run you less than 5 dollars). The sprays come in a variety of delicious scents like lavender, lilac, plumeria and rose. Also fabulous for linens, clothes, even hair (bye bye smokey smell).

For those extra hot days, try keeping the spritzers in the fridge for a cool body treat. It's like taking a dip in an icy aromatherapy pool!

PRICE TAG: $3.64


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