Monday, August 17, 2009

How To: The Looks-Good-On-Everyone Hair Style

The trick to gorgeous hair is making it all look natural: the color, cut, style. We women know that SO MUCH WORK goes into such a "natural" feel but we continue to work it and strive for sensational strands.

Ryan Crupi of the Chris McMillan Salon - who has tamed the tresses of Kate Beckinsale, Selma Blair and Marissa Tomei - divulges his secrets for maintaining effortless hair year round. One style that works on all manes.

"This style is easy and lasts. It's seasonless, not a hassle to reproduce at home. And it can be done on long hair or longer bobs," says Ryan. Think: Elle Macpherson, Giselle, Kate Hudson.

Here are his tips to creating the beautiful stringy loose waves, looks-good-on-everyone look:

TIP 1: You'll need one good haircut and three maintenance cuts a year.

TIP 2: Make your own beach spray (ocean water, filter out the sand) and use a little serum on the ends. RYAN'S PICK: Kerastase Serum Oleo-Relax - it eliminates frizz and gives it a smooth sheen.

TIP 3: Creating Volume: Apply hairspray at the root and blow-dry up. RYAN'S PICK: Shu Uemura Spray. Curl with 1 1/2 inch brush. The trick is to make sure that the curl sets.

TIP 4: For naturally wavy hair, blow dry front section and air dry the rest. Apply serum to the ends. When it dries completely, use fingers to separate and blend the waves.

Chris McMillan Salon: 310-285-0088


Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have any tips on how to make your hair grow faster?

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