Thursday, August 20, 2009


Several years ago I replaced the paper or plastic habit with reusable shopping totes. From Anya Hindmarch bags to my own line that sold at an L.A. store, I’ve tried many styles but time and again returned to BAGGU bags. I loved the concept: A mother and daughter (based in CA and NY respectively), who wanted to create a reusable bag for their lifestyles. I found myself in love with the variety of colors (they now also have various patterns and sizes, too). I bought my first set and one for my own mother as well.

Many people think reusable shopping bags are made for the grocery store or farmer’s market and that’s great. But I also bring mine everywhere from J. Crew to the makeup counter at Saks. Eco-beauty loses a bit of its luster when you leave a shop with a paper bag. FACT: If you use BAGGU for just a year, it will save between 300-700 disposable bags.

They’re made of rugged, machine washable nylon (just leave them out to dry), and each one comes in its own adorable 5x5 pouch so you can tuck them in your bag, your glove compartment, a stroller, wherever you need. They hold up to 50 pounds (2 to 3 regular plastic bags worth of goodies) and fit comfortably on your shoulder or the crook of your arm. While I love the original size, the new baby BAGGU is perfect for smaller loads (and since makeup tends to take up less space, they’re great for a Sephora run). A baby BAGGU comes in a 4x4 pouch but can still hold an impressive 30 pounds.

The BAGGU concept is “that good design should be functional, beautiful and affordable.” And they accomplish it well with their classic bags under $10 a piece, and an amazing color range from saffron yellow to peacock blue. They also have several patterns, including a mod chevron, a great floral and a stripes collection I swoon over. With my love of classic French striped tees, their navy and white striped bags are my new obsession. Though I still love the paper bag-esque khaki ones I always have on hand, I’m adding some classic and baby size stripes to my repertoire.

To learn more about BAGGU, check out this video with co-founder Emily Sugihara. To shop the collection, visit their website or And next time you’re paying at the makeup counter, hand them that BAGGU in ‘Persimmon Chevron’ and watch how many people ask you where they can get one, too. xo alex.


Spork Fashion said...

Love it! Those are so cute, and I love teeny tiny totes you can stick in your purse. (Shameless plug) I have been using Calypso Studio's SHOP Totes: You get three per set, and they roll up and close with a snap.

What is surprising - and sad - is that I stuck a couple of these bags in my purse before hitting the mall. I ended up making purchases at three stores, each time requesting my purchase be added to my tote, and each time the sales ladies would give me the strangest look. Not trying to pull a fast one! Sheesh

alex. asher sears said...

You're right. Cashiers tend to be a bit dumbfounded when you bring your own bags.

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