Friday, September 25, 2009

EVERYDAY BEAUTY with Everyday Minerals

Greening your beauty routine is something few can take on in one swoop. Not only is it hard to part with old favorites, it’s also expensive to start from scratch. That’s why I was intrigued when I read about Everyday Minerals’s eco-friendly, high quality mineral makeup at drugstore prices (everything is under $15). My experience with mineral makeup is limited; I’ve used the MAC Mineralize line and tried several things from Bare Escentuals. I know people who swear by mineral makeup and those who find they cause skin problems. My friend Erin explained that many mineral lines contain irritants like bismuth oxychloride --- mineral does not necessarily mean natural (as a film and TV makeup artist she uses Jane Iredale products).

Everyday Minerals prides itself on being “free of plastics, talc, oils, fillers, and other harmful chemicals.” Most products are gluten free and vegan as well...and no bismuth oxychloride. Founded by an esthetician seeking to bridge the gap between quality eco-beauty and affordability, Everyday Minerals is more than just a makeup line. It’s also a social network. The site has blogs and forums that users access to have their own beauty banter: sharing ideas, tips and tricks, and offering the company feedback (customers opinion is taken very seriously). I couldn’t wait to try the line.

At just $10, the Loose Eye Powder Compacts contain four shades and a mini bamboo-handled brush. I tried the Shady Stroll collection, which contains a great range from charcoal grey to a translucent cream (the small pots will last ages…with mineral makeup, a little goes a looong way). Cleverly packaged so that the powders don’t make a mess, the only thing I passed on was the mini brush, preferring my own. The shades were perfect for fall and I was able to use them to create liner as well as a smoky eye effect.

I hadn’t used a powder blush in ages but I liked the healthy hint of color I got with EM cheek color in Corner Office. I wasn’t so sure about a powder concealer but the Bisque Color Corrector worked beautifully to hide under eye circles without caking.

In addition to mineral makeup they have a line of full sized brushes, priced from $6-$10, made of sustainable materials and bamboo handles. Lippies come in a range of shades and include such nourishing ingredients as mango butter, pomegranate and olive oils. You can order most mineral products in sample and full sizes (for eample, the large blush is $8 and the sample size $2.50), and all orders include a free sample kit of your choice. Everyday Minerals makes it easy to mix a bit of eco-beauty to your usual repertoire. And there’s zero risk: all cosmetics have a 60-day, money back guarantee. To shop, visit them online at xo alex.


Anonymous said...

Oooooo! Been dying to try mineral makeup but the potential irritation and prices have scared me away. This looks like it fits the bill! Thanks so much. Your posts are always right on and very helpful.

Faye said...

OMG I am a HUGE fan of Everyday Minerals, I just wish they would open up a shop in England as shipping costs from the US are a lot! Anyone who hasnt tried their products should, you wont regret it!

Anonymous said...

Two years ago it was a reasonable company with good products but they change their formulas with out telling their customers and misslabled their jars, a lot of people star breaking out and when asked the responses where plain lies it is a very dishonest company, their customer service is terrible and now they are adding chemicals to their products, save your hard earn $$$$$ EDM is not worth it no wonder they have a -F in the better business bureau.

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