Friday, October 23, 2009

ECO-FINDS FROM FRIENDS: suki® organic cystic acne treatment

I’m not sure what I like most about this site: the beauty or the banter. What I love is when the two intersect and comments introduce me to new ways to use hair products or when someone recommends a lip gloss I’d seen but was on the fence about trying. While going green has meant rethinking what products I use, it certainly hasn’t reduced my options. And with so many products removing synthetics, petrochemicals and other toxins, the variety grows larger every year. And I am always looking for something new. So, when my friend Becky told me about an organic skincare line she loved, the beauty banter began.

Becky is a gifted dog trainer and spends a ton of time outdoors. She grew up in the beauty business (her talented hairstylist parents have created looks for Chanel, Dior and Versace, amongst others) and tried everything for her sensitive, cystic acne prone skin. Yet she found many products hurt more than they helped because her skin became so sensitive in the sun. Recently, something at Whole Foods caught her eye: an organic cystic acne system from suki® advanced. organic. science™. I couldn’t believe it. Over the counter, organic care for cystic acne? The only way I knew to deal with cystic acne was a trip to my derm. Becky filled me in on the line.

“I started with the suki® balancing mini skin kit that lasted about two weeks. It’s very concentrated so you don’t need a lot.” Now she uses products from the entire sukiface® line and even her derm sees the difference. The cystic acne treatment was developed by suki® “with immune system boosters, skin clearing anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial agents, formulated to treat the underlying causes of acne.”

Becky’s sukiface® favorites:
To soothe and clean skin, “I really like transformative cleansing clay,” a multitasking cleanser/mask/targeted spot treatment that reduces breakouts, redness and inflammation and bacteria production. Made with zinc, white willow bark for natural salicylic acid, and kaolin.
“I use pure facial moisture – balancing. (But) I was a little freaked out about the oil.” Instead of a typical lotion, suki® moisturizes with an oil concentrate which is actually the best way to combat oil imbalance in skin. “As soon as I put it on it sinks in as opposed to moisturizer which felt like plastic on my face. It was like my pores couldn’t breathe.” Made from organic echinacea, organic chamomile & organic borage oil, it balances oil production, soothes irritation, clogged pored and boosts immunity.“My absolute favorite product, the one I heard phenomenal reviews about, was
exfoliate foaming cleanser.” This cleanser is not part of the cystic acne regimen but works for Becky’s skin and flakiness caused by prescription topicals (check with your derm if you’re taking any meds). The foaming formula made with organic lemongrass, organic non-GMO rice flour & natural sugar exfoliates without harshness. “You’re in control. The more you rub your hands together the more the sugar crystals dissolve, the less gritty the scrub.”

As a bonus, now through November, suki® is donating 100% of sales from this and their sensitive cleansing bar to Think Before You Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Get your own suki® skin prescription by taking a short Q and A here. And find suki® products for face, body and hair at Whole Foods or online here and here. Thanks for the intro to suki® Beck, and girls, let's keep the banter going! xo alex.


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