Thursday, October 29, 2009

eco-style sanitizers from jamar labs

I’m not a fan of hand sanitizers or antibacterial products because most of them contain some pretty toxic chemicals (studies have actually shown that washing your hands with plain old soap does the same job). I normally steer clear of germ-fighting products but it seems like everyone is getting sick (me included) and I suddenly found myself wondering if hand sanitizer wasn’t such a bad idea after all. I was close to buying something whenl I received a fabulous alternative from Jamar Labs.

Made in Israel of 100% natural cotton, Jamar Labs has created a line of paraben and phalate-free cleansing wipes that work from head to toe. Believing that “Life is too short to worry about your flip flop feet,” they’ve harnessed the powers of botanicals to sanitize and soothe. wipe your feet wipes are made with eucalyptus, plant-based Vitamin B and menthol to moisturize, deodorize and soothe. I loved the idea. Los Angeles has barely caught on to the fact it’s autumn and I’m still in sandals.

wipe your face cloths are perfect when you’re too tired to take off makeup or whenever you want to hydrate and refresh your face. They’re made with soothing aloe, coconut-derived cleanser, almond oils and chamomile for its antibacterial properties. Most refreshing part (no pun intended) is that they lack synthetic fragrances and parabens I find in most face wipes. Perfect to keep in a bedside drawer or on hand to fix a makeup mishap.

I have wipe your hands in my bag now. They’re made with Vitamin E, lavender, coconut-derived cleanser and chamomile. So you can wipe away germs without the skin stripping effect of so many sanitizers. Wipe away bacteria but hold onto moisturize. It’s brilliant. They’re great for all ages and perfect to throw in diaper bags and gym bags, too.

While I’m not hyper-vigilant about germs, this flu season seems to have already hit and anything I can do to keep away from it, the better. Added bonus to the convenience factor is fantastic eco-responsible. When I’m done I can flush them or toss them knowing they’re 100% biodegradable. The 30-pack sets ($7.95) are perfect for work and home, and the convenient 5-pack sets ($1.95) are great to throw in your purse or glove compartment, too.

Shop online at to purchase the wipes in both sizes as well as combo packs. xo alex.

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