Thursday, October 01, 2009

LIGHTER THAN AIR: Vapour Organic Beauty

Making an eco-overhaul of my skincare favorites was an easier task than letting go of the makeup I loved. But after an impromptu makeup session by my 6-year-old cousin, I realized that I didn’t want her covering her face in toxic chemicals or harsh dyes anymore than I wanted them on mine. And while I’d found several lines I loved which eliminated the “worst offenders,” I had yet to find a truly organic cosmetic company that was as luxurious as it was healthy. Until now.

Vapour Organic Beauty is the brainchild of Eric Sakas, co-founder of Kevyn Aucoin Beauty with the late, great Kevyn Aucoin (Eric worked on the amazing Aucoin books, too), and later the Director of Color for Philosophy (whose Little Black Book was a favorite once upon a time). The mission in launching Vapour was to create certified organic formulas that would suit the needs of the professional makeup artists as well as consumers. All products are 100% chemical free with a minimum of 70% certified organic ingredients. As a huge Aucoin fan, I was thrilled to check out the line.

I am so loving the Lux Lip Conditioner, I may need to buy it in bulk. 95% organic with a blend of Jojoba, Evening Primrose and Shea Butter, it is ultra moisturizing yet isn’t sticky like some balms. And it comes in the same great tube as the lipsticks making it perfect to throw in my purse (or on my nightstand, in the car, on my desk…).

After years of trading in lipstick for gloss, I was surprised by how much I loved the Siren line of lipsticks. Made with food grade, 70% organic ingredients (remember those pounds of lipstick we consume in a lifetime?) and without petrochemicals, it is super moisturizing and the colors long wearing (I’ve been wearing Tempt).

The Aura stick is made for cheeks, lips and eyes and it goes on with a light, powdery texture. It’s subtle cheek color, and it’s not only certified organic but carries the EcoCert seal. Because EcoCert status is difficult to achieve, I am truly impressed that it also can be found on their highlighting illuminator Trick Stick as well as the Elixir line of lip glosses.

My favorite just might be the Stratus Skin Perfector, a big chunky crayon-like stick that can be used as a primer but even on it’s own does wonders to brighten skin, even out tone and smooth out fine lines. It’s also wonderfully hydrating (the organic ingredients include Evening Primrose Oil, Frankincense, Lotus Petals and Papaya) but didn’t cause any breakouts.

Vapour cosmetics contain no water. Nada. It sounds bizarre but water breeds bacteria and in makeup you really only need topical moisture. Vapour’s comes from the plant oil and beeswax base they’ve created that “locks in the skin's own moisture and is anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and skin softening.” Plus, what could be better for the environment than saving a little H20. xo alex.

Vapour cosmetics are currently available online at Vapour Organic Beauty or


Anonymous said...

This is an older post, but none the less very relevant to my interests.

I'm waiting for my foundation and concealer to come in the mail already! Although, I am not sure if I need a special brush to apply it. Plus I dont have a finishing powder I am completely happy with.

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