Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SEEING GREEN: liiv botanicals eye cream

Yesterday I got an email from my cousin Louise asking if I knew of a good eco-friendly eye cream. I wrote back to tell her not only had I found something new but I was planning to post about it today. Green beauty minds think alike.

Eye creams have never been an obsession of mine but I’ve noticed over time that with a good one I can reduce under eye puffiness and circles without trying to cover them up with makeup. Still, in the eco-beauty market, finding a good eye cream hasn’t been as easy. The few I’ve tried were less than thrilling. But when my friend Debbie became a rep for Avon, I learned they had a new natural beauty line and I ordered.

Avon’s liiv botanicals line is derm tested for the most sensitive skins and is free of preservatives, dyes and synthetic fragrances. The vitalizing eye cream ($12) has an SPF of 15 which immediately got my notice. I may not be freaking out about lines around my eyes yet but with this added protection perhaps I won’t have to for some time.

Packaged in a tube reminiscent of Blistex, the cream can be applied directly from the slanted tip to the eye area. I find I end up with way too much if I use it that way and instead squeeze some onto my ring finger and apply it. Made with a botanical mix including sunflower, soybean and organic linseed oil and extracts of cucumber, lemon and fennel, the cream is has a nice consistency and blends well. And I love the subtle highlighting effect. Any under eye darkness gets a quick lift.

Another liiv botanical product I am loving in this dry weather is one Sarah mentioned a few weeks back. The liiv botanicals Triple Phase Bath & Shower Oil ($12) smells wonderful and is great for dry skin.

Ordering info: shopping from Avon online (or in person) requires a representative. The links to the products here are through my rep who you can also shop with no matter your locale, or if you’d prefer, find a representative yourself here. Enjoy! xo alex.


Midnight Cowgirl said...

I love the liiv botanicals moisture boosting body butter!

Jon said...

Seems like a great line, gotta try this.

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