Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Eminence Organics

The green beauty movement has certainly found its place at cosmetic counters, on health food store shelves and even the aisles of big chain stores. But it’s hardly a new concept. At the “Hollywood Helping Haiti” Golden Globes Celebrity & Charity Gift Lounge last month, I was introduced to half century old Eminence Organic Skin Care. Since 1958, this Hungarian brand has used the science of flowers, fruits and herbs to treat and nourish the skin. And they take their commitment to environment to every level of production.

At first glance, the products on display looked good enough to eat. And they smelled incredible. The Raspberry Pore Refining Masque ($48) was wine red with plump seeds, like homemade preserves. The Coconut Crème Masque ($52) looked like whipped crème fraiche and was great for hydrating skin. Feeling the effects of winter weather (yes, even in LA we get our own version of cold), I brought home the coconut mask to try. I’m pretty picky about scent but this coconut smelled amazing because it was exactly that. No synthetic fragrance or cloying suntan lotion smell. The coconut oil, coconut milk and shea butter left my skin soft and plumped. The mask also contains Biocomplex,™ an antioxidant cocktail of Vitamin A, Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid. An hour later my skin still felt great and there was no oiliness (something that worries me about products that are meant to hydrate dry skin).

Eminence Organics has worked diligently to produce unbelievably luxurious products while leaving the smallest of carbon footprints. All farming is organic, planting and harvesting is done by hand, and their offices are wind and solar powered. From organic soil to the recycled-paper and veggie-ink printed packaging, it’s green beauty from beginning to end. You can find Eminence products at spas throughout the country, from the famed Golden Door Spa and the Grand Wailea to the certified Green Spas highlighted here. Or purchase them for yourself here at

To learn more about Eminence Organic Skin Care, visit their website here, and join their Facebook page to learn more about new products and promotions. xo alex.


Anonymous said...

Eminence makes great products but its worth while to read over their ingredients more carefully. Their products are not certified organic and the products are actually manufactured in Vancouver, BC and not Hungarian at all. The concept was born in Hungary and the CEO is Hungarian but the products are not Hungarian. The excess packaging also raises flags concerning just how eco-friendly this line is.

Check out this review at:

Anonymous said...

I love eminence and used to live by their apricot moisturizer, until I found (located on the next shelf in my salon!) another, arguably "greener" skincare line called Seaflora Organic Skincare.

Like Eminence, Seaflora is totally organic and locally produced from West Coast Seaweed and Ocean mud! Their products contain a pile of nutrients - Vitamins A1, B1, B2, B6, C, Folic Acid, B12, Vitamin E and K!

As someone who travels a lot for my work, I have been AMAZED at how the Laminaria Facial Moisturizer can keep my skin smooth, fresh and balanced through different climates. Definitely a skincare line to consider!

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