Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

Happy President's Day!

A bit of beauty-related history on this President's day:

Q: Why were powdered wigs worn in the 18th century?

A: The wig for men started when King Louis XIII was loosing his hair and started wearing one. By the 1660s, it was the court of Versailles where fashion followed the elaborate stylings of architecture and manners. Louis XIV the "Sun King" loved large well groomed hair that represented strength power and status. Wigs were easier to maintain than trying these styles with your natural hair, and as the 18th century rolled around the styles changed but were just as elaborate. The short answer is, Wigs were easier to accomplish the styles that men and women wanted then. The myths about lice being the motivator because they were filthy and never took baths then is just that a myth. source

Check back tomorrow for a brand new bathing beauty
with one of my favorite makeup artists!


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