Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boob Job In A Bottle

What would you say if I told you that a bigger, fimrer bust was just a bottle away?


No, seriously.

Rodial Skincare has designed Boob Job ($150.00), a cream that helps increase the va-va-voom of the decollete area... naturally. No knife required. I know, it sounds like a total scam, marketing at its most genius level and partially it is but the other part is that it really does work. Here's how: The cream is loaded with micro fibers and wheat proteins to instantly firm and tone. "As fat cells move around the body after eating, the gel traps them into the area on which it’s been applied. The outcome is an ample increase in cup curves along with an instant firming, lifting effect thanks to Asian root extract, myrrh extract and wheat protein, plus anti-aging Pomegranate Ellagic Tannins," says the company.

I'm a huge fan of Rodial skincare and this latest discovery is no exception (although slightly more hilarious of a product). But the weekend's coming up and you want to put your best face -- and chest -- forward, so here's to it.

Like all Rodial products, pomegranate ellagic tannin is combined with breakthrough natural ingredients to firm and boost collagen -- without knives or needles. Score. Fans of the line include busty beauties Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson and Eva Mendez.

So tonight as you're pining over that second scoop of ice cream, not a problem. Your boobs will thank you.


Anonymous said...

I read on Beauty Undercover about a new type of boob job; you get liposuction and then the fat is injected into your boobs. It's supposed to be quicker, less recovery time, and more successful. Sounds good to me!

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