Friday, March 26, 2010

PET PEEVE: Rubberbands That Don't Give

Elastic is meant to stretch. So why on earth do some rubber bands, a.k.a. hair elastics, not give? I'm so particular about my rubber bands, I've been known to cut 2 and tie them together just to get the right give from the elastic.

I have thick(ish) hair. This means to stay current with the spring trends (ponies and side ponies), I need a thick band to hold my hair tight. I just bought a packet of SCUNCI No Damage elastics. No damage, great! Probably because they don't hold my hair -- at all. I need to use three of them just to keep my mane in place.

Goody makes my absolute favorite rubbers (bands, you dirty minds!). Ouchless Hair Elastics. They're thick, don't pull or tangle hair and keep my long locks in place. They also come in a variety of colors ranging from traditional black to brown, hazelnut, even white.

Best part is the price... they're super cheap! Tehy go for about $2.99 for a pack of 14.

If I have it my way, this summer's going to be a hot and sweaty one. Invest in the rubber band, I guarantee it will come in handy.



Anonymous said...

it's all about japanese rubber bands. they're fabric covered, you cut them to size and they don't snag. perfect for thick hair.

Anonymous said...

Blax are by far my favorite! Cost is $3.50 for 8, so little costly but I use same one for a while before breaking out a new one.

Nadia said...

Goody ouchless are the best one's I've used! I keep a pack in my gym bag, car, a few extras in my purse, work bag and lab coat.

alex. said...

I am LOVING twist bands. They're made of flat elastic bands and they don't snag.

Anonymous said...

I'm asian so my hair texture is very thick. I also had problems looking for bands that would hold my ponytails. i found some nice ones that work for me at, they're 5 for $1 so i think they're comparably priced to goody. i think this site carries hair products from japan cuz they hv a really cute selection of stuff.

Anonymous said...

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