Monday, April 26, 2010

10 Tips For Organzing Your Beauty Area

Spring cleaning is upon us and organization is key. I've asked the queen of organizing, Melanie Fascitelli, owner of Clos~ette, the luxury closet and bespoke cabinetry company, to impart her extensive wisdom on organizing one's beauty area.

Here are Melanie's 10 Tips:

1. clean and edit your make up and beauty products: start by throwing out any two to three month old mascara's, caked shadows and powders, get new make up sponges, clean your makeup brushes, clean your hair brushes, etc.

2. figure out appropriate storage for all brushes, some people like brushes in a cup others like them in a tray which has different size holes for different brushes figure out which works best for you and if you want them displayed or behind closed doors and then get your dry brushes put in
their place!

3. find a lipstick and gloss stand so you can lay out your colors in a vanity or drawer, this will make it much easier to get to the one you want when you need it!

4. put all your mascaras, eyeliners, lip liners and whatever other pencil or tubed make up your have in a tray rather than a cup so you can actually see which is which. trays are also good because you can stack them on top of each other!

5. I find it is easiest to put your skin care, and all face care in general at face height- so behind the vanity mirror, lining them up on a shelf makes them easier to see as well.

6. hair care products can be in the sink cabinet drawers underneath the sink, same with your blow dryer hair spray etc.

7. think of your beauty products like food. You wouldn't want to eat rotted eggs or spoiled milk. Well, you don't want to put old creams and lotions on your living breathing skin either, if you have any questions about the longevity of your products contact their manufacturer.

8. have cottons and q-tips in an easy to access drawer or jar. I like simple glass apothecary jars for such items. They're beautifully displayed or just simple and functional for behind a cabinet.

9. hair accessories should also remain in your bathroom. Find a neat place for them in a nearby drawer or in a cosmetics bag.

10. equipment such as electric toothbrushes or sonic face brushes should be wall mounted either inside a drawer or cabinet or off to the side of sink wall, but try to get them off the counter!!!


Erica said...

this was so helpful! My beauty Area looks fantastic now! the Beauty through Health Ezine

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