Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hair! 2 Easy Spring Styles

My 2 current favorite hair styles:

the messy side braid - very in-trend, easy to style. Pull hair to one side of your head and make a loose braid. Don't worry about pieces falling... that's the point! You can use bobby pins if too much falls down.

Here's Jessica Simpson from the May issue of Marie Claire sporting the messy side braid:

the hair piece - again, hair accessories are very in-trend. I wear a lot of black so I love this specific piece as it really livens up an outfit. I simply tie it on to the crown of my head, hair can be wet or dry. VERY EASY and looks tres Grecian.

TIP: Use old necklaces or ribbons as hair pieces!

Here's Beyonce at Coachella wearing a head piece, this one is worn on the forehead - more hippy, less Grecian.

What's your go-to spring 'do?


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