Monday, May 03, 2010

The Met Ball 2010 Hits And Misses

The Met Ball is to fashion what the Oscars is to Hollywood. Put mildly, it's a big night for fashion -- and Hollywood's -- elite. While style takes center stage, on this site, we care about the faces flaunting the dresses. And oh were there some glamorous faces!

Here is a look at some of my favorite hits and misses from last night's soiree:

 Blake Lively - She looks like a peacock, her dress reinforces said animal. Hair is too slicked back, eyes are pretty and peppered with lashes galore. Check out the white hue on the inner corners of eyes, Blake is never seen without said makeup application trick: it widens and brightens eyes.

Kate Bosworth - From the Old Hollywood Glam ringlet curls to the over-the-shoulder pose, this look screams diva... and I'm loving it! Sultry eyes with mauve lips is the perfect accoutrement to this bold hair statement (and backless Valentino creation).

Emma Watson - Looking mischievous and sultry with dark eyes and undone waves, Emma represents  Burberry impeccably. She's part sex symbol, part British style icon. Very un-Harry Potter.

 January Jones - Those eyes are WAY overdone. She is such a pretty girl, no need for the couture runway makeup. She looks like she's wearing some sort of eye mask or perhaps channeling an alien? That's going to be a pain to take off.

 Camilla Belle - Theatrics aside, I'm not mad at this look. The eye liner is a bit "Venetian Opera" for my taste but it sort of works on her. Loving the defined brows which enhance the porcelain doll look she's got going on.

Sienna Miller - All I can say is WOW, my girl crush just elevated to love status. Sienna looks impeccable. The hair is glamorous yet not too done, the makeup is flawless yet still sexy and rock 'n roll chic and the tan is killer. Loving the almost invisible, nude lip, keeping the focal point on the eyes. She's back to her Alfie hotness... yay!

 Chanel Iman - Looking like a bronzed goddess, Chanel pulled out all of the glamour at last night's fete. I love the simplicity of her hair, the bronze shadow and undereye liner and the nude lip. She has the model swagger down brilliantly.

Alexa Chung - I didn't see as many red lips as I suspected I would (Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift are the exceptions), but I adore this red done right on Alexa. Her skin is flawless, her eye makeup, simple yet still pretty, her hair rather undone yet still sexy, but it all works with the red.  Tres jolie.

Jennifer Lopez - I get it, she's into the updo these days and, while I give her kuddos for the effort, this is not a favorite hairstyle of mine -- too Texan prom queen for my taste. However, the dark, smokey eye and nude lip - a definite trend at last night's ball - make up for the hair mishap. Makeup, as usual, is flawless.

Kristen Stewart -  Channeling the 1920's, the hair is all wrong on Kristen's petite -- yet plumper -- frame. And the makeup is so hard and brooding (hey, at least she's wearing makeup). There is just something amiss with this look in its entirety. Perhaps it's the stoic expression. Smile, woman, you're at the Met Ball!

Chloe Sevigny - Always one to take a chance, Chloe pulled out her frosted pink lippie for last night's festivities. Love it or hate it, it's reminiscent of the 80's and that, in combination with the high turquoise neckline is very chic in only a way Chloe can be. Wearing her hair up was definitely the correct choice -- did you see the back of this Proenza dress? Amazing.


YJ said...

Goddd I love Sienna Miller!!!! She looks gorgeous! And I'm starting to really like Emma Watson too! She's successfully made her way into the celebrity fashion hierarchy! (How many young stars get to be the face of Burberry?!) =)

SkinALicious said...

I love Emma Watson's dress. Love how's she's growing up so gracefully and doing it in style.

Gabby said...

Emma Watson looked stunning! Best dressed of the night in my opinion!! WOW!

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