Monday, May 17, 2010

SUMMER EYES: NYX The Caribbean Collection

There's nothing that screams summer more than bright eyes. And by bright eyes, I mean the shadow hues. NYX The Caribbean Collection are sets of five color shadow palettes with 10 combinations to choose from. With names like Dream of St. Marteen and Dream of Aruba the only thing left is booking the ticket and sitting beach-side. The palettes house five perfectly summer-worthy shadows that run the gamet from lilacs and teals to silvers and greys.

My palette of choice is the Dream of St. Thomas (below) which includes a moody grey, a hot pink, a muted silver, a bronzed gold and a sorbet teal. I never thought I'd be the teal type of shadow gal but I've gotta say, I'm loving the way it looks swept on the inner corner of my eyes. It's very beach-chic in an island getaway sort of way and looks fab with a tan.

With bold colors and lasting pigmentation, these sets will become your must-have summer colors. And at $8.00 a pop, how can you resist?


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