Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm a huge fan of mists for summer heat and humidity. Back in the day, I used to carry Evian spritzers to the beach and cool off in fashion. Nowadays, there are a plethora of options in the spray department. I just discovered NUDE Advanced Probiotic Skincare Water Sprays... and I'm loving them.

The Water Sprays come in 2 formulas: Hydrating and Clarifying. Both can be used like a toner, on cleansed skin (although not as harsh as a toner) - Just spray on and wipe off with a cotton pad - and as a mid day refresher.

The Hydrating Water is amazing for setting makeup or cooling down overheated skin. The Hydrating formula contains prickly pear to lock moisture into the skin, vanilla floral water to tone and rose flower water to soothe. It smells delish and is a very chic way to refresh.

The Clarifying Water balances and brightens the complexion. It too is a great way to refresh in style. Beta hydroxy acid refines and Irish moss and Siberian Ginseng purify and smooth skin.

Like all NUDE products, the waters are paraben, sulfate, mineral oil and silicone-free. It uses "clinically proven bioactives and probiotics to work with the skin to activate cellular repair and protect against aging."

PRICE TAG: $20.00


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