Friday, June 04, 2010


From the summer 2010 collection, To The Beach, I find my go-to product is ultimately the Lustre Drops. This luminizing highlighter in a bottle makes a comeback with the summer collection in 2 new shades: Pink Rebel, a more pinkish/ gold and Sun Rebel, a peachy/ gold hue.

In contrast to highlighters like Benefit's Benetint (which is similar but has a thicker, more iridescent consistency), Lustre Drops are super natural and look amazing with a tan. This is a product that can be worn alone or over makeup to emphasize a specific look. 

Essentially, Lustre Drops are like any other highlighter in the sense that they add a shimmery glow to places of interest - cheek and brow bones, chest, any part of the body. The reason I love MAC's version is because the consistency is thin and liquid, making it perfect to add INTO your foundation or tinted moisturizer for an all-over even sheen (just mix in a few drops and apply over entire face).

The perfect summer product... after all, who doesn't want to glow like a golden goddess? Great for all skin tones!

PRICE TAG: $18.50


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