Thursday, July 01, 2010

Organize it with Vera Bradley

When it comes to travel, the most frustrating part (besides getting there) is the packing. What to bring and how to pack it. Well, Vera Bradley makes packing the beauty essentials effortless. 

From your everyday cosmetics bag, to a curling iron cover, to a traveling jewelry box, to my personal favorite, the hanging makeup bag - there isn't a product that a Vera Bradley bag can't fit.

And the bags are soooo pretty made with the most colorful patterns like "sitting in a tree" and "loves me" and "hope garden." These aren't your average cosmetics bags!

I own the large cosmetic and the hanging bag, both of which I use every time I travel. I put my skin and body products in the large cosmetic and my cosmetics in the hanging bag. I absolutely adore the hanging bag because it has 3 individual pockets so I can separate my brushes from my shadows and palettes and my lippies, liners and foundations. It also has an entire clothe pocket perfect for jewelry. And the bag folds up and ties into a pretty square... easy and convenient to travel with. When I get to my destination, I simply untie, unfold and hang on a doorknob and all of my products are separated and staring right at me. Voila!

If you, too, have so many products you don't know how to decipher what to pack and what not to, do yourself a favor and organize your essentials with a Vera Bradley bag. Your products will thank you!

PRICE TAG: Ranges from $25 - $65


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