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My own interest in greening my beauty routine began about five years ago when I learned that there was so little regulation of what goes into our skin and beauty products. While I hated parting with old favorites, I’ve watched as companies worked to make cosmetics as eco-aware as they were luxurious -- like the team at tarte who’ve been in the green beauty business for years.

I’m a huge fan, and when they offered to give Beauty Banter readers a few products, I couldn’t wait to share. Whenever someone asks me where to begin making safer choices at the makeup counter, tarte is one of the first names I’ll mention.

I think their mascaras are some of the best eco-alternatives around. And while their lash hugger is my go-to mascara, I was curious to check out a brand new tube that arrived in the mail the other day. A new addition to their multiplEYE regimen, the natural lash enhacing waterproof mascara ($24) is a “waterproof, sweat-proof and budge-proof natural formula.” It’s a deep, black shade that creates incredible volume (in fact, their tests show a 526% increase in the appearance of lash length). Along with the mascara they also sent their picture perfect eyelash curler ($15) --- it’s ergonomically designed with a bit of a spring to it so there’s zero pinching. The silicone pads are pretty genius, too…no fear that I’m going to squeeze too hard and end up with crimped lashes. It is a really impressive duo: the curler and the mascara. And you can see for yourself here:

Without any other makeup on you can see the huge difference it makes when I curl the upper lashes of one eye and add two light coats of the mascara. I instantly look like I’ve had ten hours of beauty sleep (sadly, I did not). Not only does it look great, but it really lasts --- without parabens, petrochemicals and synthetics. Proof you can find great eco-alternatives without sacrificing quality.

You can find these tarte products online at tarte.com, beauty.com and dermstore.com, and both online and at Sephora stores nationwide.

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Good luck! xo a.


jean said...

Jean K.

Angie said...

I've been wanting to try this mascara since I first read about it. I just love all of the Tarte stuff I've tried.

marissyb29 said...

Marissa Gross

Cheng said...

Cheng Xu

love Tarte products!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great giveaway!
cazzicd (at) aol (dot) com

Kimberly said...

I am a current subscriber and this contest is amazing!!!

kimberly.reuter (at) yahoo (dot) com

marissyb29 said...

Marissa Gross

Sabah said...


Maggie said...

Lash hugger has been my favorite mascara for some time now - I'm sooo curious about these new items!

Margaret Motto

Amy said...

I need all the lash help I can get. I love all tarte products. I have never been unhappy with anything.

Luca said...

wow that was an AMAZING difference (pre curler & mascara and post!). please enter me!


LilyBiscuit said...

I'd love to own this mascara! The fact that it gives a 526% increase in the appearance of lash length is just what I need. My lashes need help :) Also, my lash curler is several years old~~~I'd be happy to throw it away for sure :) Thanks!
vac924 at gmail dot com

amy rosen said...

I love tarte! I agree that the eco-friendly line has come a long way and surpassed a lot of the other big names b/c of their green-ness!

MarciaF said...

Tarte is always a wonderful company. I love their eco policy.
(jakesmom109 at yahoo)

Jessica and Nicole said...

Jessica P.
jsp4zc (at) gmail (dot) com

--Those products look fantastic!!

mrsrpda said...

I need to look like I've had 10 hours of beauty sleep! mrsrpda@gmail.com

Beauty, Events, and Free Stuff said...

Shirley Talabert

thank you

missreneer said...

I am a subscriber and I would love this for my nonexistent eyelashes. LOL!! Thanks for the great giveaway :)

Renee Richardson

lauren said...

Lauren L.

emic138 said...

Emi Kane
emic138 (at) yahoo (dot) com


Anonymous said...

Oh my, such wonderful results! I naturally have nice lashes to begin with, so this would make my lashes outrageous! I'd surely love to try this!!! Can just imagine putting this on and walking into a room, batting those sky-high lashes and having everyone thinking they're fake, when all I have on is another amazing product from Tarte!! I've heard rave reviews about this and would love to try it out.

Deb Scott

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Would love to try that eyelash curler.

akaleistar (at) gmail (dot) com

Natasha said...

You are completely spoiling us with these Tarte giveaways! Yay!

mrslevans (at) hotmail (dot) com

K said...

Thanks for having this giveaway!

I'm a subscriber! (kyamamot819@hotmail.com)

Anonymous said...



thank you!

Stargazer said...

Not gonna lie, this stuff sounds pretty badass! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Bb Jeh said...

Thank you for showing us the difference (and explaining) their eye lash curler compared to others! It's always so dirty at my local Sephora (sadly some people use it with their mascaras and it's hard to wipe out) that I never got to try it on.


Eve said...

Please enter me! I love Tarte! Would love to try this!

name: Eve
email: shopgurl 101 at gmail dot com

Tracy said...

Tracy Hoveln

Nelsby said...

I subscribe to your blog feed via email. I absolutely LOVE Tarte cosmetics!! Thank you for hosting this fabulous giveaway - I would be SO thrilled to win!
sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

Laura [What I Like] said...

Sounds fantastic...I've been trying to green my routine a bit as well!


Holstrom4 said...

I'm a subscriber!
Dawn H.

Joyce said...

Wow, the difference is amazing. I'd love to try this.

Joyce B

ewhatley said...

love tarte products


ewhatley at embarqmail.com

email subber

Gia said...

Love it!

chichijunk said...

i'm new and just found this giveaway after the time given. boo hoo! i really need some new mascara to try!

SAUCY | f. | BABY said...


I am now a subscriber of the daily beauty banter e-blast!


Thanks for the chance! =]

xo Nicole

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