Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Hair Tips!

 Isn't it nice to know that there is a method to the summer hair madness? Here are some great summer tips from hair stylist Maggiore Riccardo that will aid in your summer styling for all hair types:

 Fine Hair:
For fine hair, long layers are ideal. The layers will create movement and volume. This is perfect for the hot, summer months.

Wavy Hair:
Wavy hair is great for summer; it’s like beach hair without even stepping foot on a beach! Work with that texture and use plenty of moisturizer to emphasize the waviness.

Curly Hair:
Heavy layers are good for curly hair too. However, you don’t want to over-layer the hair. It should be cut long enough to achieve the desired style. 

Thick Hair:
For thick, straight hair, increase layers to achieve more movement and further thin hair in order to accomplish a look that heavy hair sometimes will not allow.

How can you avoid scalp/part burns?
Try to avoid parts in your hair all together! Use a fashionable headband or scarf to slick hair back. But if you must part your hair, use a sun specific product with a UV protectant, like Riccardo Maggiore Rinnova Texturizer, a unique leave-in treatment which contains sunscreen agents to protect hair from damaging UV rays. 

What's the best way to deal with summer dryness?
Summer sun and heat can cause major dryness to hair. The key is to moisturize! Put tons of moisture in your hair. Use moisturizing shampoos, deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners – anything that will maximize moisture.  

If you plan to hit the beach or pool, apply oil or a product with SPF to the hair. This will create a “seal” that will protect and prevent salt water, chlorine or sun to penetrate and cause damage.
What's a great tip for dealing with summer frizzies?

Find a product that will help combat frizziness, like Riccardo Maggiore Luminoso Anti Frizz Drops, a glossy finishing product that helps to smooth and seal the hair cuticle, offering a radiant luster while eliminating the frizzies and static electricity. 
The best way to control curls during the summer?
The best way to control natural curls is to use products that moisturize. Use a moisturizer, like leave-in conditioner, to produce long, flowing curls, and heavy product, like gel, to produce tighter curls.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to have a mix of wavy and curly? My hair is so weird,it's straightish-wavy at the top layers and on the layers underneath it's wavy and curly. On top of that it's heavy and thick. Any suggestions on how to deal with it? I want to keep it natural and low key(long layers a la harley viera-newton) but the curly hair underneath looks a bit weird.

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