Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Treat Me Right: Sexy Bath Time

Bath's are meant to be sexy. Period.

So read this post, grab your significant other and give them a bath they'll (and you'll) never forget.

Here are some pointers:

1) Rose petals are required. But try rose oil too! REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil will give you the allure of the rose scent with 100% natural fragrance. Great for sensitive skin.

2) Candles set the ambiance. Tone and mood are SO important when you're bathing. Nothing creates sexy time like a couple of candles. Staying with our rose theme, try Diptyque's Rose Candle ($65.00). Remember, lights out.

3) Bomb that bath. A bath fizzy -- also known as the bath bomb -- gives you, the water and your bath something to gush about. It makes everything all the more fun. Try Bath Bombs by Lush, the original! Surprise, surprise.You may even encounter a few flower petals or bubbles in the explosion.

4) Finish the bath with a dash of cool. There's nothing like a bit of cold to counter the hot. At the end of your bath, let the cool water run while you drain the bath. This will lock in all of your essential oils and luscious scents!

5) Heat your towels. A cool rinse, a nice warm towel. Put towels in dryer prior to bathing for a spa-like, comfortably heated dry off.  You can douse the towel with a linen spray for extra fun. Try making your own. Click here to learn how.

What are some of your bathing secrets!?


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