Friday, August 27, 2010

WEEKLY MUST-HAVE: Emergency Zit Stick

Oh, zits, be damned! Not everyone has acne breakouts but everyone has an acne flair up. Some of us just have an unsightly pimple pop up during PMS. Or others, from wearing a certain foundation. Maybe even the pollution or humidity. Point is, it's likely that everyone breaks out at one point or another, some are just fortunate enough to have the breakout be minimal -- i.e. the zit from hell forms on your chin right before a big date.

Oh, zits, be damned! Bremenn mergency Zit Stick is damning those zits away. The paraben-free solution clears up acne blemishes on impact. It comes in a tube with a wand so you literally just apply the wand to your zit -- never having to actually touch it with your bacteria-filled hands. The active ingredient is good old Benzoyl Peroxide, 2.5 %, so chances are, that zip is getting zapped -- and fast.

This is a great product to have in your beauty arsenal. Carry it in your purse for those "in case of emergency" moments. Apply on the go. No mess, no fuss, no dirty application. Watch the zit disappear.

Fans of the Zit Stick include Jersey Shore’s Snooki and Adrienne Bailon. Now I, too, am a convert.

PRICE TAG: $21.00


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