Thursday, September 16, 2010

WEEKLY MUST HAVE: Tied Up And Tousled

Accessories really make the outfit. Hair accessories are no exception. I've just been introduced to the most fabulous line of hair gear -- Tied Up And Tousled -- and I literally haven't taken the band off of my head since receiving it.

SEE: 3 different nights, 3 different outfits, all with my fab Tied Up And Tousled goddess band.

Wear them low or high, across your forehead or in your hair, these headbands are the best. They are self-adjusting (with an elastic or string back) and one size fits all. They have lace ones, metallic ones, string ones and even blinged out ones. Seriously, anything that you fancy. And some of the headbands are one-of-a-kinds! Check out the site by clicking here and live on the wild side.... start to accessorize that head of yours!

PRICE TAG: The one I'm wearing is called the "Angela" and is $24.00


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