Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Cream

Cult favorite Spanish skincare line, Natura Bisse, has a cream that will work on everyone's skin. Even better, it will make everyone's skin look luminous, even-toned and moisturized.

The Cure Sheer Cream could quite possibly be the most genius cream ever created. Seriously. It has genius technology that "neutralizes and adapts to create a sheer tint perfect to match any skin tone." The color-enhanced moisturizer also has SPF 20 and detoxifies, hydrates, and increases the production of collagen. All this in one jar! WOW.

While this is more of a moisturizer than a tinted cream or foundation ala Laura Mercier - it's not as heavy of coverage - it still does give a bit of even-toned, sheer color to the skin. And one color suits all. As I mentioned, it adapts to fit every skin tone. The cream is rather heavy but absorbs quickly and easily. It doesn't leave skin oily or with a residue. In fact, it is water-based so it won't sweat off or clog pores.

Here's what the cream does:
Replenishes skin and provides balanced, all-day hydration.
Improves the skin's ability to hold and capture moisture.
Neutralizes skin imperfections and provides a glowing complexion.
Adapts to any skin tone with natural color pigments.
Is an alternative to heavy foundations for light and naturalcoverage.
Matches and evens out the skin tone, while providing anexcellent daily treatment.
Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Detoxifies impurities in the skin, recapturing its luminosity from the inside out.
SPF 20 to protect against UVA/ UVB rays

While it probably won't take the place of your foundation, it's definitely a good alternative to heavier tinted moisturizers. Sometimes your skin just needs to breathe. This is the cure.

PRICE TAG: $160.00


temptu said...

Lovely cream!

Anonymous said...

i must try this! thank you, tina t

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