Thursday, November 11, 2010

WEEKLY MUST HAVE: Kate Logan Beauty Shea Salvation Balm

If your skin is anything like mine, than the harsh winter takes a brutal toll on the hydration factor. Well, lucky us, UK cult favorite, Kate Logan Beauty, has the perfect remedy.... and I'm OBSESSED.

Shea Salvation Balm is a miracle worker for chapped skin. It contains antioxidant rich Rice Bran, super healing Lavender and soothing Shea Butter to moisturize the dryest of skin. Use it all over your body or just spot treat (i.e. use on hands, feet, elbows, etc.). The Balm is a bit grainy until rubbed together and then it bursts into a wonderful oil that smells of lavender and coats the skin with its intense moisturizing abilities.The result: soft, smooth, healthy and hydrated skin!

Like all Kate Logan products, the Shea Salvation Balm comes in the prettiest of glass jars and looks like a handmade recipe. Actually, it is handmade so the packaging suits the product. There is a "created on" date and a "use by" date so that you get maximum effectiveness from the formula. The jar is small enough to keep next to your bed and pretty enough to flaunt on your counter.

Salvation Balm is a winter life saver. Your skin's never had it so good!

PRICE TAG: 16.99 POUNDS for 60 ml (a little goes a loooooong way)


Ponzio said...

I have relaxed coarse dry hair. I heard nothing but good reviews on shea butter so I had to try it. The result is amazing! But I haven't used any balm for my skin. So I really want to try asap

airbrush makeup said...

I am hesitating to use any products for my skin. I may try this in awhile.

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