Monday, January 10, 2011

Extra Moisture Surge

Finding the perfect moisturizer can be a difficult task indeed. What your skin needs for the winter is not necessarily what it needs during the summer months.

I've discovered a great basic that can be used year round. CellCeuticals CerActive Active Moisture + Barrier Repair Skin Treatment is an amazing bonus to any moisturizer. You can use it provide long lasting hydration and apply alone or in conjunction with another moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

A word (or several...) from the company:

"This moisture and barrier repair treatment replenishes essential barrier lipids (ceramides and fatty acids), humectants and anti-irritants to help strengthen skin's water-lipid barrier while providing deep hydration and skin-soothing properties."

This moisturizer is suitable for all types of skin and is the perfect dose of something extra for days when a little more hydration is needed. Alternatively, you can use by itself if your skin is only in slight need of moisture. I use it alone, after I wash my face and before my eye cream. I love the way it leaves my skin glowing.

PRICE TAG: $47.50


peachy said...

OMG! Everything is so pretty and nice :)Must have everything!

peachy said...

Too pricey for a moisturizer :(

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