Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year, New You

Wipe the slate clean, it's time to start anew. What do you have planned for 2011?

One of my longtime goals is to publish a beauty book. I love writing this blog and I am eager to take the knowledge I banter about here and turn it into a beauty tip bible!

So, today, the first post of the New Year, I'm going to share a few of the tips, a healthy mixture of expert pros, beauty trendsetters and celebrity secrets! AND SEND IN YOUR TIPS!!! Something universal, something original. If I like the tip, you may just see it in the book!

"To make lipstick last forever, matte it down by blotting with a tissue, pressing a little loose powder over the top then reapplying and blotting with a tissue again."--Liz Pugh, International Celebrity Makeup Artist for Rimmel London

"Your old scrunchies have a hidden use: They can help you get big, bouncy waves. Right after blow-drying, while your hair is still warm, twirl the length around your finger, coil it into a bun, and secure with a soft, fabric-covered scrunchie. Once your hair is cool, take out the scrunchie and you’ll have full waves.” -- Andrea Lavinthal, Cosmopolitan Online Beauty Editor

"Want perfect second-day bed head? Sleep in braided pig tales and wake up with that envious wavy, just-rolled-out-of-bed hair." -- Harley Viera Newton, dj, model, dior beauty ambassador

“Take left over lipsticks and glosses and blend together with a dab of petroleum jelly to create a new lippy. Store in a screw top container.” –Sarah Howard,

“Highlighting areas like the brow bone should not be highlighted with a shimmer, but rather a matte shadow in a pale skintone shade. Like bone, or off white.”
– celebrity makeup artist, Troy Jensen

“Super dark circles?? Use a peach toned corrector under your concealer! Peach cancels the blue under your eye. Concealer blends with your skin!”
– celebrity makeup artist, Jasen Kaplan

“The messy bun is the best trick ever!!! Turn a ponytail into a runway ready chignon by twisting the ponytail and wrapping it around itself, securing it with 5 - 7 bobby pins. It’s fashionable, easy and sexy for day or night.”
--Adrian De Berardinis, owner and star stylist of De Berardinis Salon

“When applying liquid eyeliner, close the eye and look down- do not stretch out the eyelid with your fingers. This helps to make an even, consistent line.” – Lauren Santo Domingo, Vogue Contributing Editor



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