Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Another burst of snow may have hit the east coast, but that's no excuse to walk around pale and placid. While the sun may be a long way coming (sigh), there's always faking it! And hair-crazed Jenny (you all remember her, right? If not, you must click here for a refresher) swears she's found the holy grail of faux tanning products!

"Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush is the sickest thing ever," gushes Jenny, also known to close friends (and the twitter community) as #thebrow (because she actually flies from NY to LA once a month to secure the brow services of none other than Anastasia herself). "I'm so tan and it's not orange or red. It looks completely real." Now, I've heard these words uttered from the mouth of #thebrow before so I chalked them up as yet another faux tanning experience. But when I saw her in person, everything changed.

Her face was glowing in that I just stepped out of the sun sort of way. She wasn't orange, or red, or any hue of fake. She looked golden, but not too golden, not deep brown like she'd been laying out for days. It was the perfect color tan, like the perfect amount of time spent in the sun, with just the perfect SPF on. Yes, I am a stickler for SPF - wrinkles and skin cancer are never cute!

While I don't necessarily condone fake tans, there are a time and a place for them. And mid-February is just about the time - and the place - to take action. That pasty white winter skin has left us sickened and washed out. We're feeling ugly. Winter has gone on way too long.

A little vitamin D never hurt anyone (especially the kind that comes out of a bottle! - and doesn't smear, streak or turn orange). So, yes, I'm all for the fakeness. It's time. Spray up (it comes in a spray can - groovy!). And walk with a little extra, golden spring in your step!

PRICE TAG: $49.00


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